The Reason Why Books Have Survived and Will Continue to Do So

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The trendsetter of hooking teens to the TV Dramas at my time was “Lost” and “Prison Break”. I got hooked on the movies when I was a teenager.

That’s the thing of being addicted to something. All I thought was which episode, which movie to watch in my free time. I was so intense on watching some of these TV shows that sometimes I thought the real world is not real.

Owing to my geeky nature, I enjoyed (and still do) my formidable years alone. …

In this case, less is more

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Addiction to anything is bad, even to books, trust me. But unlike the other addictions which you have to give up, you don’t have to give up your love and affection for books. Just tame it. How? Read every day for a fixed amount of time.

There was a time when I only dreamt of reading books. It was not due to a lack of interest. It was just a lack of trying. Once I picked my first fiction book, there was no going back. Reading for me became a drug, an escape from the real world to another place…

From scrambled data to meaningful information

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I have been keeping a personal journal for over a year now. In the beginning, it did help, but after a while, I felt like I hit a plateau. Different people keep a journal for different reasons. Some use it to organize life, some want to get hold of their feelings by documenting their thoughts.

All of it is possible by doing journaling as I have experienced it firsthand.

But I always felt something was missing. There is so much more in my brain which I don’t understand. One thing I became sure of was that if I have to…

No one is going to write for you

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I so wanted to click that “Join Now” button which was supposedly going to vanish in an hour. The offer was going to be withdrawn. It’s everything I wanted, a course on Medium from a top writer with a promising course line. But then suddenly my eye caught a line written at the end of an attractive paragraph. It read “If you can show up every day I can help you achieve your dreams on Medium”.

I thought for a moment and asked myself what is the thing which I am struggling with the most. Is it my writing skills…

No jokes I promise

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I would never write a book review if someone told me to. But I read a lot of books and there are a lot of things in my mind which I want to share. I also happened to be a writer. The writers seeks content like eagles scour prey every day. Voila!

Pandemic has stopped the tea and coffee breaks which gave me a chance to discuss the things I read every day with my friends. I started writing on Medium in July last year. I was always thinking of topics to write about. …

We Need Formal Education on Life

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I am an Engineering graduate. I and my mates know nothing about life. We have the most awkward social skills. I learned about complex theories of telecommunication and physics in 4 years. But never in our student life, from school till I graduated, was I educated formally on how to live a life as a person.

We have a very meticulously designed education system. And by we, I mean the whole world. Some countries have better than others but anyone who stays in the system for about 16 years graduates with a fair amount of advanced knowledge. …

We can all be the fishermen of our lives

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Once a billionaire was on vacation on an island. He wanted to cross over to another island so he went out looking for a boat. He saw a fisherman’s boat. The fisherman was lying in the boat with his hat covering his face.
The billionaire while waiting for luxury boats chose to strike up a conversation. He asked the fisherman that why he isn’t out fishing at this time of the day. The fisherman replied he had already caught enough fish for the day. The rich man was surprised and a little bit angry. “It’s still early afternoon and you…

40s is the new 30s

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When I see articles like “3 pieces of advice I would give to my 20-year-old” my heart breaks. Why can’t we have education on life, formal education like we have on science, medicine, sociology, and economics? Why do we have to wait for 30 years old to know what 30 years old know? Why do we have to learn only by trial and error?

Writing this article is my way of giving back to the world. I want to tell all the people in their 20s what I didn’t know. It’s like I am advising my own children, except they…

To Learn More, Reading Is Not Enough

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The benefits of writing are as subtle and as addictive as reading if not more. We all know the benefits of reading. The spark it gives to our mind. But writing has an equally calming effect on the mind.

Thoughts are not materialistic, they are abstract things or beings or whatever. They are like dreams, coming and going, amplifying and dying. Writing them down brings them into this world.

Writing Clears Your Mind

The best experience I have when I started writing is it clears my mind. My mind felt like (and still does sometimes) a pending dirty laundry. I felt my head was…

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