The Reason Why Books Have Survived and Will Continue to Do So

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The trendsetter of hooking teens to the TV Dramas at my time was “Lost” and “Prison Break”. I got hooked on the movies when I was a teenager.

That’s the thing of being addicted to something. All I thought was which episode, which movie to watch in my free time. I was so intense on watching some of these TV shows that sometimes I thought the real world is not real.

Owing to my geeky nature, I enjoyed (and still do) my formidable years alone. …

3 subtle but simple steps to get you closer to your life purpose

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Ikigai means your life purpose. First understand that you don’t create your life purpose you discover it.

Finding your life purpose seems like a gigantic, spiritual and a fairy tale task. It is difficult to understand and tedious to follow through. I will try to make it as simple as possible.

We all have our purpose or Ikigai. The first thing to learn is about yourself. What you like? What you dislike? What makes you happy and what makes you sad? And most importantly why?

Make list, as long as possible. Write all the things that come to your mind…

Understand this to build better relationships

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What makes humans unique? Our fingerprints? Retina patterns? No.

Not even our thoughts. It is the unique bubble we live in. We live in our circles of life. That circle or more preferably the bubble is a complete universe on its own. This is what makes the world so beautiful and humans so distinctive.

I am using the metaphor universe for this imaginative little bubble for a very valid reason. This cute little fizz has its time frame, outlook towards life, health, wealth and emotions.

Everyone sees life differently. Ever imagined why? It’s because of their little universe. The distinctive…

Bring body and soul together

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It can make or break you. I am talking about motivation in the sense every self-help guru is mentioning these days. Every corporate giant feeds and thrives on this so-called motivation. I hate it. I hate the meaning of motivation carved out these days.

Today being motivated means being ready to do whatever you are asked or required to do. It sounds slavish (if that’s even a word). In large the world has become a giant corporate. I don’t want to whine, OK a little maybe, but that kind of motivation is making this world a place for the transaction.

Nice Quiet Nights beside Fireplace Are Not So Lonely After All

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I am fascinated by nature. I get high on silence and tranquillity. Unfortunately, you don’t get these things in abundance living in the city. You can’t even look at the sky at night without looking at no more than 5 stars.

This punctures my soul. There is so much noise of everything; cars, trains, public transport, aeroplanes even too much light in the night. A clear sky seems like a comical scene living in the jungle of concrete and roads.

I bet you would love a patch of trees where all you can hear is wind gushing through the trees…

The reality of corporations where skill is overrated

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I had a classmate at Engineering University. He hailed from a humble background. His grades were always close to perfect. He was studying on a scholarship. I like many others was really struggling to get through the semesters. I can still remember, whenever I looked at him in those days, I thought to myself he is gonna be a real motivation story when he leaves the university.

Being so good in studies, earning grades coming from a poor family. This guy is going to flip the luck of his coming generations. …

The book that will give you mental and spiritual pleasure

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This book is like a concentrated cream above milk, where milk is life and the cream is its wisdom. The Prophet addresses every aspect of life beautifully, completely and yet in few sentences. I had to stop to gasp, admire and smile after reading every paragraph.

This book is set up in the backdrop of an ancient man named Al-Mustafa living on an Island sharing his love and wisdom with the Islander. When his ship comes to take him home, he addresses the people of that island on their wish.

In few words, he sums up life as if putting…

The key to living longer and with intensity

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If I have to pick one book, I could read in one sitting, that would be Ikigai. If you have been reading about flow states, finding the purpose of your life, then Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles is hands down the best and the most comprehensive yet to the point book.

The book tells you how to find your Ikigai: The purpose of life. You can’t find it unless you have a passion for something. I always thought that I have a passion for staying home, watching movies and doing nothing. …

A life hack to be at peace and co-exist

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Are you irritated by someone’s behavior or their existence?

There is a guy at my workplace. Let’s call him Javed. I hated him, I really couldn’t stand the sight of me and him being in the same room. I thought everyone felt the same. Everyone did, but not exactly.

He has a habit of gossiping. Everyone loves to gossip. But Javed was addicted to it, he gossips with everyone and anyone. Apparently, that’s all he did, gossiping.

When he joined our project he made a lot of friends very quickly. After a while, his name started coming up in conversations…

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